Energy Efficiency In Assisted Living Facility Operations

24 Apr

As a long time resident of an assisted living facility, I have been focused on energy efficiency. There is a lot of talk these days about healthcare energy consumption and efficiency, but there are two key ways that senior and disabled residents can help themselves and their care givers save energy without compromising the quality of life that they enjoy at their facility. One key area that can be improved is with their heating and cooling system. This article will look at what type of equipment they should look for to improve their efficiency while also saving them money.
The most important type of equipment that they should look for is a high efficiency heat pump. 

A heat pump will make sure that the temperature inside the home stays constant so that the resident does not become too warm or too cold. An older heat pump may break down or stop working for one reason or another, so it is imperative that you purchase a new one. While the cost of purchasing a new one can be considerable, the amount of money that you will save in energy bills and increased comfort are well worth the investment. They are an essential part of the maintenance plan of any elderly or disabled resident living in their facility.
Another item that they should consider purchasing is good air quality monitors. assisted living energy management 

These are simply designed to give the residents a continuous and accurate reading of their breathing and lung functions. Many times these are referred to as "whistles" and can help alert care givers to any lung or heart problems that may exist. They are especially helpful to alert owners if there is a serious ongoing problem. If the proper health monitors are not available, someone must be constantly monitoring the residents' breathing and lung functions to ensure they are getting the proper care.

Something else that they may want to look into purchasing is an air conditioner unit. These are inexpensive pieces of equipment and can be very useful to keep the temperature constant in a smaller space. Some come with the option of having an auto shut off feature, which can help to conserve energy. The most energy efficient air conditioners use less than 10 percent of the electricity that other models use, which can make all the difference in the winter time when the chill can mount up to unbearable levels. View here for more details about the fast food energy savings .

The biggest energy efficiency feature of any type of assisted living facility is likely going to be the furnace or central air conditioning unit. Older homes will generally have duct work that needs to be updated. Newer furnaces are much more efficient than the ones of the past, so they can help to cut down on costs and really increase the comfort level of the living facility.

The other item to focus on is lighting. Most people simply think that they can have standard fluorescent lights installed in their facility. This is one item that you definitely do not want to skimp on, especially if you want to truly maximize the amount of energy that you are using. Make sure that your lighting fixture is energy efficient, and that you install dimmers so that you can control the amount of light that your space gets. Check out this post for more details related to this article:

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